Food production

Gnocchi, fresh pasta, mozzarella cheese, nougat, bread and cake mixes are just a few of the food products that benefit from the use of equipment partially or completely protected with an epx® non-stick coating, in both artisan or industrial food production.

The EPX® systems developed in recent years have covered all the needs of food and durability non-stick coatings that the sector requires, guaranteeing, in addition to compliance with the MOCA coating regulations, solutions to critical factors given by ingredients, corrosion in leavening and high temperatures. in cooking. The EPX® coating for pans, pots and pans increases productivity, food safety and hygiene in storage.




- Elimination of release agents
- Increased line productivity
- Quick and easy cleaning
- The possibility to work with particularly sticky ingredients
- Food safety for metal components which cannot be made in stainless steel

A few plant examples:

- Spinners;
- Kneaders;
- Moulding machines;
- Cone forms;
- Production lines for pasta and dough.


  • Hoppers
  • Screws
  • Tubes
  • Tanks
  • Stirrers
  • Mixers
  • Knives and blades
  • Paddles
  • ecc...

Some application examples

An important resource for the food industry


Elettropox applies EPX non-stick systems on molds and trays for the confectionery and bakery industry.
The EPX systems are formulated for application on new substrates and for the regeneration of exhausted non-stick coatings.