RUBBER vulcanisation, Automotive & recycling

Heat, pressure and water vapour combine to make vulcanisation a complete process, to which the non-stick EPX® systems bring enormous benefits in terms of the quality of the moulded object.


In plants where scrap tyres are shredded and combined with water and isocyanates to create urban products, soundproofing and anti-vibration materials, the mixing and moulding phases would be impossible without non-stick coatings. Our EPX® systems are already used in numerous plants around the world, guaranteeing an infinite number of high quality moulds.



- Mould quality
- Distribution of the rubber throughout the mould
- Drastic reduction in waste
- Increased productivity
- No residue or encrustation left on the mould
- Drastic reduction in vent maintenance

A few plant examples:


- Tyre, solid tyre and tread moulding
- Tyre re-treading
- Vulcanising plates
- Shoe sole moulding
- Recycling scrap tyres


  • Moulds
  • Screws
  • Tanks
  • Mixers
  • ecc...

Some application examples