Non-stick coatings and
applied industrial anticorrosives

The resins and polymers we use to impart important qualities, such as non-stick and anti-corrosion, are listed in the following chart. The chart also highlights some of their intended uses and their maximum temperatures.


The metals that can act as surfaces vary: carbon steel, ferrites and cast iron; stainless steel and spring steel; nickel alloys and alloys with nickel; aluminium, zinc, copper, brass and bronze alloys.

Elettropox has 40 years of experience applying the following types of coatings to metal surfaces:

New EPX experience® non-stick coatings

Epx® is a brand developed by Elettropox, made up of a range of industrial and food-safe non-stick coatings.


Each epx code, for example epx® xxx green, is a type of coating connected to a specific use: non-stick coating for a polyurethane glue fuser, non-stick coating for vulcanization moulds at temperatures of  xxx°C xxx bar, non-stick coatings for baking bread with milk in the recipe ref.xxxx, etc.


Each code is associated with a:


- Technical data sheet (TDS) which describes the main chemical and physical characteristics of the coating and its most relevant properties.
- Food-safe certification for the coating, if any.
- Technical specifications, for internal use, containing detailed descriptions of all the steps to be taken when applying the coating.


Thanks to epx®, our clients have access to a wide range of coatings, broadly tested and with records of extensive applications. Give them a try!