Non-stick surfaces in both cold and hot environments, auto-lubrication and abrasion resistance are of utmost importance for packaging plants and processes. From automated weighing and packaging, to thermal bonding and moulding, our epx® systems come with countless benefits.



- Quality and speed for thermal bonding
- Precise weighing without jamming
- Quality and speed for thermal moulding
- Drastic reduction in the need for maintenance of thermal equipment
- Food safety for the metals used

A few plant examples:


- Packaging systems
- Multihead scales
- Volumetric dispensers
- Moulding of PE and composites derived from recycling
- Sealers
- Vacuum-seal machines


  • Blades and knives
  • Heat seal jaw bars
  • Ducts, cones and cover panels
  • Moulds
  • Screws and feed hoppers
  • ecc...

Some application examples